Creativity Module- Animated GIF Final Project

My original goals for the animated GIF project were to learn about the history of GIF’s and then create both meaningful and funny GIF’s. I first started this project by looking at the resources listed on the module page. I read the article “A Brief History of the Animated GIF” by Paddy Johnson. I learned that there was a lot of artistic influence in early GIF’s . I also learned that Myspace was a platform in 2003 where many people shared GIF’s. In order to complete my first goal I researched and found out why and who made the GIF. In “A Brief History of the GIF, From Early Internet Innovation to Ubiquitous Relic” by Lorraine Boissoneault, it is said that Steve Wilhite created the Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) in order to make a image that doesn’t take up a lot of memory on a computer. GIF’s have been popular for a while, Myspace making them very popular. GIF’s can also be sent easily on iPhones so that is one reason why they have remained popular.

I also learned about different ways of making GIF’s from the article “The Complete Guide to Making Animated GIFs” . The quicker ways to make GIF’s were on and the IOS GIF app. A more difficult way to make a GIF was through photoshop.

I chose to make GIF’s on I made an account and creating GIF’s was very easy! The first GIF I made is shown below. I used a video I had taken of the fountain by the Bell tower and then I added a ripple and dream filter on it. At first I didn’t know how to save it as a GIF file so I saved it as a video and then tried to upload it to my blog. There was also an “embed” feature on the giphy website that said, using a link it could “embed” a GIF into a blog post. However, every time I tried to embed the GIF into my blog post it would show up and say this GIF does not exist. I didn’t know if this happened because the GIF was set to private or not, but I tried attaching it public and private and it did not work. Eventually, I downloaded the app which made it easier to save the file as a GIF file and not as a video. I went through and made the GIF and copied it to my clipboard on my iPhone, emailed it to myself and successfully attached it as an image in this blog post. All of the GIF’s below were made with this same process.

The second GIF is a “meme” GIF. It is supposed to be funny ( I think it is)! The GIF shows my dog, Biscuit running in the snow. I used the drawing feature to add yellow lines around her (the lines actually move a little). I also used the “rumble” effect and the sparkly text for the caption. I used the rumble effect because I thought that it made it look more realistic and like she is actually running.

I made two GIF’s of me playing field hockey. My old coach asked me to send videos of myself doing stick tricks so I still had the videos of me playing. I trimmed the videos on my phone and then made them into GIF’s. There was also a way to trim the videos on but I found it easier to just do it on my phone in the photos app. I added two different filters to each of them : “inverted color switch”, and “pop”. These are my favorite because I like the colorful edits and the specific skills I am doing in them!

Lastly, I wanted to make a meaningful GIF. So I went online to find pictures of two endangered species, the whale shark and the sea turtle. I used on my laptop because it was easier to add multiple photos. I used google images to find the pictures that I wanted. automatically set the time of the GIF to 4 seconds per each photo, which I thought was too long. So I manually shifted the duration of each photo to be .8 seconds, because that felt like a better time for a GIF to me. I wanted to create a meaningful GIF because GIF’s are so popular and people use them multiple times a day , so it is important to create a good message that can be seen on the GIF platform and possibly reach many people.